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Come on Parappa, relax, it's practice time!

Boxy Boy (ボクシーボーイ Bokkusi Boi) is a talking stereo player, supposedly made by Papa Parappa as a gift to Parappa. While seen periodically during the course of PaRappa The Rapper (such as when Parappa gets a new car in Stage 3), he has a much more prominent role in PaRappa 2 where he acts as the player's guide during practice segments and versus modes.

In the anime, he is called on by Parappa to give his friends advice, but his words seem to be a bit dubious most of the time.

He appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as a few of PaRappa's attacks. 


Boxy functions as a mini-boss in PaRappa The Rapper 2, or in PaRappa game sense, a mini-Teacher before going to the actual stage. This feature was introduced because Rodney Alan Greenblat had troubles with the Um Jammer Lammy stages, thus the Boxy addition is also referred to as the "Rodney Levels".[citation needed]

In the VS mode, Boxy Boy fulfills his practice time role as well as being the judge to the battles. He quotes Hairdresser Octopus's line "Ok baby, let's go. We're gonna do like this" as his intro, most likely due to both characters having the same voice actor.


  • Boxy Boy is the only character in the games to be 3-dimensional, whereas everyone else is paper-thin.
  • In Um Jammer Lammy, a boom box that has a striking resemblance to Boxy Boy appears for a half-second in the beginning Stage 2 cutscene.
  • Inside of the unused files of PaRappa the Rapper 2, there is an unused model of Boxy Boy with no colors that looks similar to how he appeared in first game. [1]
  • In PaRappa the Rapper 2, when a button is pressed during practice mode or during VS mode, Boxy Boy's eyes will briefly look in the direction that corresponds to the side of which the button is located on the controller.
  • In some episodes of the anime, Boxy Boy emits little triangle, square, circle, and cross symbols while talking. These symbols are the same as the buttons on a PlayStation controller, though the colors seem to be swapped around.