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Now, put these kids to sleep, will ya?!

Cathy Piller (ピラー婦長 Pirā Fuchō) is a caterpillar midwife. She debuted in Um Jammer Lammy and is the Teacher of "Stage 3: Baby Baby!!".


After having extinguished the Fire, Lammy is treated on loads of pizza, which she gladly accepts, until she looks at her watch and recalls her goal of getting to her gig on time. She makes a run for, now realizing she ate too much and faints on the pavement out of sickness. A parade of pregnant people appears out of nowhere, singing their early parenthood anthem, as Lammy tries to not be seen by remaining lying on the ground. She is addressed by Cathy Piller, who mistakes her bloated belly for carrying a baby and offers to help Lammy give birth, as they have an After School Sale at the nursery anyhow. As Lammy's belly has deflated, Cathy realizes Lammy never was in labor and forces her to help rock all the newborn babies to sleep. Literally.


Lammy Version; Um Jammer Lammy Parappa Version; Um Jammer Lammy secondary storyline

Personality & Habits

Cathy has performed her job for 50 years, taking great pride in it. However, she still mistakes a bloated person for a pregnant one and feels tricked rather than acknowledging a mistake she has made.

She has the odd habit of violently vomiting pink "cutesy" puke after every sentence, hardly being able to finish them. Although it appears painful, she does not seem to acknowledge it and even carelessly throws up over Lammy without excusing herself for it.


Cathy Piller is entirely designed to represent her stage. She is made up of pastel colors, which are associated with early childhood. As caterpillars are larvae, the first stage of butterflies and moths, they have been used to symbolize new life. Therefore baby toys often resemble caterpillars, like the Harmonizer Effector. Ironically, being over 50 years of age, she is one of the older characters yet still in her earliest stage.

Her 2D body is made up of layers, causing her to be 3D as well as 2D. She can expand her body in length, covering the entire stage and using her multiple limbs to rock babies to sleep.


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