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Cheap Cheap the Cooking Chicken (ニワトリ先生 Niwatori Sensei) is, as the name suggests, a chicken who specializes in cooking. Her cooking show is aimed at people who need to make delicious food on a small budget.


Her character quirk is her ability to come out of the TV, in a way the TV is more like a set decor and she comes at your decor, making it look like you are on the show instead of her leaving the show.

Cheap Cheap makes a brief appearance in Um Jammer Lammy in one of Lammy's thoughts that reference "Full Tank", as well as one of Lammy's cooking appliances, a water cooker specifically, being in her likeness. As many cooking show celebrities often have their own cooking-related merchandise, it is most likely Cheap Cheap has that too, hence the reference. This would make her similar to Beard Burger Master, who also uses his own appearance for his merchandise and material.

Personality & Habits

Unlike other teachers, who at most appear disappointed, Cheap Cheap is furious when you don't get her cooking right. She jumps up and down, her face gets red with rage and her expressions make it appear as if she were to be shouting. Humorously, her voice has a soothing, calm, and motherly tone with no indication of her supposed rage.

When failing the level, she clucks and lays an egg that a chick hatches from, who is as enraged as their mother, and scolds Parappa in her place.

She takes offense if people get her species mixed up.


Cheap Cheap is a white chicken that goes red through her feathers. The only clothing she wears is a simple red apron, of the same color as her comb. Her wings function as hands. She seems to wear glasses or has conjoined eyes.

Mode differences (instrumentals)

Bad: The instrumental will change into the first half of Stage 4: Cheap Cheap The Cooking Chicken's Rap, followed by the intro. The first half of the instrumental is the intro from Cheap Cheap the Cooking Chicken's Show, and after that, a keyboard/synth starts playing in D major. It also features the Duck Quack.

AWFUL: The instrumental will change into the second half of Stage 4: Cheap Cheap The Cooking Chicken's Rap, features the loop of semi-acoustic guitar chord progression: (F minor - F minor - B minor - A minor). It also features the Duck Quack. A shorter version of the second half of Stage 4: Cheap Cheap The Cooking Chicken's Rap during AWFUL is played during the Bad/Awful ending.

COOL: Both first half and second half of Stage 4: Cheap Cheap The Cooking Chicken's Rap are merged together, but the quality of the instrumental is higher than Good mode because Cheap Cheap the Cooking Chicken turns off the TV.


Unused Cheap Cheap model

A screenshot of a mod presenting Cheap Cheap with her front facing beak.

  • Cheap Cheap has textures for her beak to be front facing in the game - however, they are not used in the official release.
  • Cheap Cheap and Instructor Mooselini are the only teachers from the first game to not appear in the anime.