I wasn't scared, you must have been dreamin!
— Guru Ant in Stage 3, PaRappa the Rapper 2

Guru Ant (アリ導師 Ari Dōshi) is an ant guru. He debuted in PaRappa the Rapper 2 and is the Teacher of Stage 3: BIG


After everyone is simultaneously hit by Papa Parappa's Shrink Ray, now in control of a very bored Ma-san, Guru Ant appears before them as if he were a saint. He wants to teach Parappa the ways to being "Big."

Personality & HabitsEdit

He tries to come off as wise and cool but is actually rather pretentious; when the shrink ray makes him and Parappa extremely large, he panics and makes desperate pleas to return to his regular size. He is sometimes mean and can be a jerk to Parappa.


He is a purple insect (ant) with a triangle-shaped head, curled antenna and four arms like MC King Kong Mushi.

His hat is a Kofia (or Kufi in West-Africa) which are usually bright colored to accompany a Dashiki or a Kanzu. Guru Ant seems to wear just an Ethiopian outfit, due to its simplicity. His hat shape looks more like that of a fez. It could be that his design had more of an East Asian idea to it due to our association with gurus and wisdom with India, but similar attire is worn in Africa. In the "modern day" West (franchise's setting), such cloth worn by black men is associated with celebrating African roots.


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