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Hairdresser Octopus (タコ山さん Takoyama-san*) is, as his name suggests, a hairdresser. He debuted in PaRappa The Rapper 2 and is the Teacher of Stage 5: Hair Scare.


General Potter put Parappa and PJ Berri - who has just finished Instructor Moosesha's training - on a mission to check out what is happening over at the hairsalon. They find people leaving the place with afro hairdo's that can somehow expand on their own. Rushing inside, they find MilkCan tied to chairs as they undergo Hairdresser Octopus's exclusively afro creating treatment. PJ Berri likes the look, but Parappa does not, which is more his motivation of not wanting Sunny Funny to undergo this than the 'trauma' of the treatment itself.

He is normally blue and is a skilled hairdresser. However, when he is hypnotized by a musical device, he turns red and becomes crazed by the music, giving everyone afros that even increase in size. He is returned to normal when the hypnotic device is destroyed.
In the wait for their performance in Stage 8: Always Love! as dancers, he stands next to Instructor Moosesha, most likely interacting.
During Sunny Funny performance in Come a Long Way, he sits at a table with Moosesha, General Potter and the ghost of Beard Burger Master and is as stoked as everyone else when Sunny starts to sing.

He also appeared in PaRappa TV Anime Episode 27. He seemed to transform into his red alter-ego when angered, rather than being hypnotized by a machine.

Personality & Habits

"He's known to do great haircuts, but he's gone bananas ever since that tape deck started rolling. He'll only do afros!" - Katy Kat
Eccentric and passionate, timid in his blue form and loud in his red form.

His red form shows him to be confident and energetic. He takes up a lot of space as loud and uses way bigger tools.


Hairdresser Octopus
Hairdresser Octopus has an "upside down" octopus head; his tentacles making up his hair instead of his body which is more common with cartoon octopus character designs. His face formation of unequal placed and sized pair of eyes and dots make it seem like bubbles floating towards the surface. He also has a sort of Indian Accent

His blue form is designed to look timid in comparison. His voice is soft and cracked, his hair is well kept in waves and he is a lot smaller that his dress ruffles up, giving him an accordion vibe. When red form, his smile is wider, his teeth are clearer and his hands are far larger. His tentacles move individually as far apart of him head as possible to make him appear bigger and have their suckers visible. He stretched his body to the maximum height of his dress. His red form is supposed to be threatening and overbearing whereas his blue form that is soft and shy.


  • He shares a split-personality quirk with Captain Fussenpepper, but is tied to an emotional state in the present, while Fussenpepper switches back and forth in his life.
  • "Yama" transelates to mountain but is commonly used as a generic name asset, equivalent to ending a surname with -son, -sen or the more literal -berg, which also means mountain. So his name, if translated in an European-American idea, would become Mister Octopusberg.
  • In Sunny's Music Video he was seen trying to remove Parappa's Hat possibly getting angry since he turned to his red alter ego or this was the aftermath of failing Hair Scare, possibly the former


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