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I Scream! is an album by "PJ and Parappa", fictional characters from the PaRappa the Rapper series of music video games. The album features remixed versions of the PaRappa songs from the Um Jammer Lammy soundtrack with original lyrics performed by Dred Foxx as Parappa.

Parappa's additude in the songs is more judgmental, perhaps due the in-context attempt of Parappa at a mixtape and performing more 'rough' to seem tougher.



No. TitleMusicFormat Length
1. "All We Need Is Music"  remix of "Fire Fire!!" 4:21
2. "The New Plan"  remix of "Baby Baby!!" 2:16
3. "Life Is Like A Sky..."  remix of "Fright Flight!!" 2:30
4. "Chop Chop!"  remix of "Power Off! Power On!" 2:38
5. "Why?"  remix of "Taste of Teriyaki" 2:34
6. "No Cuttin' Corners!"  remix of "Got To Move!" 3:41
Total length: