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Instructor (インストラクター Instructor), dubbed Onion Girl by fandom due to lack of name, is a humanoid onion and dance instructor. She debuted in PaRappa The Rapper 2 and is a Co-Teacher of "Stage 2: Romantic Love".


PJ Berri is excited to do Romantic Karate exercise with Parappa, which is a Aerobics TV Show, strictly for adults. The show is hosted by Chop Chop Master Onion and Instructor, but Chop Chop is the one to give instructions. Instructor is merely dancing in sync with her colleague but remains silent throughout the stage.

When the Noodle Syndicate attacks, she is shown fleeing (Chop Chop is absent). She utters her only line (shown quoted above) to Hairdresser Octopus, when General Potter had switched over to Plan B: Sweets Attack, which did similar damage to the town as the Noodle Attack.

During Sunny Funny's performance in Come a Long Way, she is shown sitting at a table in the back with her colleague Chop Chop Master Onion.


This woman performs along with Tamanegi-sensei on the program “Romantic Karate”. After graduating from an university of physical education, she started working at a local office, and said company is still very successful thanks to her great energy while managing the company. Even so, she was still overflowing with energy and suddenly handed in her resignation, deciding to follow the path of an actress instead, and went to boring, minor talent agencies. “I want to do a romantic role!” And thus she became hopeful hearing that the very first job she took was such. It was a shoddy show only shown on local channels, but it enjoys great popularity thanks to her amazing efforts she would also demonstrate at any hard job. Parappa 2 Guide


Just like Chop Chop Master Onion, Instructor is a humanoid onion, specifically a spring onion. She wears her 'hair' in a ponytail because spring onions are usually sold with a string around its stalks. Her attire in official art from the official guide book is aerobics sportswear with a fanny pack around her waist and pulled to the side. In the game itself, she wears a shiny pink and blue outfit with a sleeveless top and sweatbands. Her red sneakers with black soles are larger than CCMO's shoes, and on her head she wears a headset with a speaker.


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