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OK, this is it. Are you OK?
— Katy Kat, in Um Jammer Lammy

Katy Kat (ケイティ・キャット Keiti Kyatto) is a twenty-year-old blue female cat with a very energetic personality. She is a member of Parappa's friend group, as well as the lead vocalist and bassist of MilkCan.


Katy Kat, Lead Vocal and Bass

MilkCan's hip feline front vocalist. Very spirited and active, and very fashionable; she is a natural leader. Katy is a little bit breezy, but she actually tries hard and puts a lot of effort into the things she does.

Um Jammer Lammy manual; Meet The Band.

Umm. The drummer Ma-san’s got a very strong arm. She’s stronger than your average man. The guitarist’s name is Lammy. She really, really grabs the stage head-on.
— Katy talking about MilkCan's members in Um Jammer Lammy's Parappa Campaign

Personality & Habits

Katy's Shopping Explosion back

Katy is a go-getter, optimist, team player, and an extremely supportive friend. In PaRappa The Rapper, she proposed the idea of planning Sunny's birthday party, suggested JANKENPON (rock-paper-scissors) to decide the roles, and, as the winner, took on the party direction. In Um Jammer Lammy, if Lammy does badly in the final stage, Katy, as the Teacher, does not react to it (Ma-San instead ditches them as a replacement), and only voices disappointment once the song is over.

Katy enjoys doing poetry in her free time, as revealed in the RodneyFun Comic Collection. She has a love for disco and dancing as well. In the anime series, Katy enjoys journalism and politics, as she is seen on multiple occasions presenting news and events in front of a camera. She is also a fashionista, enjoying theme-based dress-up. For each performance, she searches for the 'perfect look'.

In the interview cutscenes made for Um Jammer Lammy NOW! she states that she likes skateboarding, rollerskating and eating Oyakodon (Japanese rice bowl dish).


Wanting something
I wear decent socks

Having everything
I thought I couldn't have

Morning sun
Through my apartment window.
Content.RodneyFun Comic Collection

PaRappa The Rapper (anime)

In the anime, Katy is depicted as passionate, but also rather short-tempered and brash. This is odd considering that the only time Katy is even remotely shown as angry in the games is during an imagination sequence PaRappa has during stage 4: "Guaranteed to catch her heart" of the first game. Even if you fail in Um Jammer Lammy's Stage 7: "Got To Move!", Katy sounds disappointed and surprised with Lammy at best, saying "O, oh. I didn't expect you to do this bad!".


Katy is a cat with light blue fur, dark blue eyes, and a blonde strand of hair. Her attire consists of a sleeveless red and white-striped crop top, red and white-striped long-legged pants, and blue and purple sandals with brown soles.


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  • Katy Kat is the only character with a noticeable tail.
    • Sometimes in-game, it looks as though Katy is missing her tail; but this is just due to the character models being paper thin.
  • Early in the anime, her head was depicted as being noticeably flatter than the other characters, but in the second season, it was given rounder proportions when seen from the side.
  • In 2017 Rodney Greenblat received an email from a fan[1] asking what he thought about Katy and Lammy in a romantic relationship; the ship is popular in the PaRappa fandom. Greenblat responded positively and that if a new game was to be made, he would like to put it in. For Valentine's Day 2021[2] and 2022[3] Greenblat made art depicting the two together.
  • In Stage 7, Katy wears a blue shirt with a star, and paired with her red striped pants forms the flag of Texas, where Michele Burks was from.