Leave it to Lammy! My guitar is in my mind!

Lammy (ラミー Ramī) is the lead guitarist of the band MilkCan and the main protagonist of Um Jammer Lammy.

She is normally a very shy and timid girl who has trouble with various things and lacks a lot of faith in herself. The only time she isn't like this is when she has a guitar in her hands, where she becomes completely confident with a bold playing style.

On the night before Milk Can's big concert, she has a dream in which she performs alongside Chop Chop Master Onion until she realizes she's been playing a vacuum cleaner all this time. Chop Chop mentions that he had lost his dojo, but it remained in his mind along with its own casino.

Following this dream, Lammy is thrown into a series of events getting in the way of reaching her concert in time. Whenever she sees or hears mention of a casino, she is reminded of Chop Chop's words and envisions whatever she's holding as a guitar, allowing her to have the confidence she has when playing.

She reappears as in PaRappa The Rapper 2 where she just tags along with Katy Kat and Ma-san.


Lammy as she appears in episode 9 of the anime.

Lammy, or someone who looks like Lammy, appears in the anime in Episode 9 as a background character who is never mentioned nor talks. She dances with some Onion character.


Um Jammer Lammy manual; Meet The Band

Lammy, Lead Guitar
Where Lammy goes, mosh pits follow. Normally she is shy and somewhat nervous when she is in front of people. But, when she has her guitar, she turn into a totally different person. she has a lot of confidence and surprises everyone with her bold and daring riffs.

The guitarist's name is Lammy. She really really grabs the stage head on.
Katy describing the band members to Parappa


  • It's possible Lammy gets her name from Stinkabod Lam'e, a character from Dazzloids (An interactive story by PaRappa Creator, Rodney Greenblat). The decal on Lammy's shirt bears resemblance to Stinkabod's head.
  • In the cutscenes of Um Jammer Lammy, Lammy has 3D feet which makes her look more natural when walking, this was removed in PaRappa The Rapper 2.
  • Lammy is left-handed.


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