Ma-san (マーさん Mā-san, also known as Mar) is the drummer of MilkCan and is depicted as a small mouse with a cocktail dress and a stick of dynamite lodged in her head. But despite her small size, she is incredibly strong. Whenever she is frustrated, which is often due to her short temper, the dynamite's fuse lights and she goes into a frenzy of drumming, usually leading to something being destroyed.

She is generally pessimistic and speaks in gibberish which can only be deciphered if the game's subtitles are turned on. She is supposedly a bookworm, whose favorite subjects are mysticism and economics, and her father owns the local pharmacy.

Line Sticker Lammy 29


Um Jammer Lammy manual; Meet The Band

Ma-san, Drums
She is a bookworm and her favorite reading genres are mysticism and economics. Ma-san has a tiny body, but has unthinkable strength, and when she plays her drums, the sound tears the house down. She doesn't have a boyfriend, but loves celebrities. Her father owns a pharmacy. Go figure!

Umm. The drummer, Ma-san's got a very strong arm. She's stronger than your average man.
Katy describing the band members to Parappa


Ma-san is a small rodent character wearing a red mini strapless cocktail dress. A stick of lit dynamite protrudes from her scalp and emotes with her state of energy (lit) and burn out (unlit). She has proportionally extremely large hands and feet. Her thick eyelashes are used in her expressions as eyebrows.