Meiji (明治) is the trade name of a pharmaceutical and confectionery company in Japan that manufactures a wide range of products.[1] In 2001, they used the PaRappa franchise to promote the sales of their bubblegum, providing PaRappa BubbleGum in Collectable Bubblegum Wrappers. The wrapping would feature one of the main characters from the TV Animation, drawn by Rodney Alan Greenblat.

Wrapper CollectionEdit

The marketing of the product worked with the idea of separating female and male characters, although the anime itself was presented as being gender neutral. The separation is found in the bubblegum wrapping colors, with purple having the male characters and pink the female characters, although both do feature PaRappa. Each wrapper features one character and an accompanying quote from them.

Purple Pink
Parappa Parappa
PJ Berri Katy Kat
Matt Major Sunny Funny
Gaster Paula Fox
Groober Pinto

As there is an uneven number of purple versus pink wrappers, it is unclear if this collection is complete. The wrappers have been provided by Gum Wrappers World[2] only on 2014, 13 years after their circulation.