PJ Berri (PJ ベリー PJ Berī) is a DJ teddy bear and Parappa's best friend. His general demeanor is that of a very dopey bear with a big appetite, usually thinking of food at the most inappropriate times. PJ Berri's signature name is PJ DJ. That means he is the DJ in a party. This was present in Stage 7: Noodles Can't Be Beat of PaRappa The Rapper 2.


PaRappa The Rapper

UmJammer Lammy

In Um Jammer Lammy, PJ Berri fulfills the role of gag character along with Parappa, whereas PJ is the goofball and Parappa the straight man. His addition to MilkCan mostly involves him thinking of food. When Parappa comes up with the idea to start a band themselves (Chapter 4: On Thursday), they both appear as rocker wannabe's, which Prince Fleaswallow responds to by given them both a Güiro (for children). Parappa is not entirely sure about the sound the instrument produces, but PJ Berri assures him that it's just Parappa's lack of skill. Parappa eventually manages to buy a guitar but as they want to be edgy for the sake of Rock'N Roll, they try to make it look used. PJ takes it to an extreme and cuts the whole thing up, eventually turning it into a Güiro again. "Now THAT's a guitar"

He makes a cameo in the Stage 6 cutscene (EU version only). He is passing by while eating a banana onto which Lammy slips on his banana peel and dies, thus PJ being indirectly responsible for her death. He was shown again in the Stage 7 cutscene, in the same spot he was walking and when Lammy returns to her body, unnoticing of what he had caused as time had supposedly not having past for them.

PaRappa The Rapper 2


From PJ Berri

Hi. My name is PJ Berri. I am a friend of Parappa the Rapper. You probably know him because he got famous. He's not so famous now. Well he is still an OK guy. I'm hungry. I wish I had a few donuts or maybe a peanut butter and jelly sandwich right now instead of sitting here trying to type on Rodney's funky website. Or maybe I should call him Musho that's funky too. It's hard to type with big furry paw hands with no fingers. Sometimes I have fingers. It's weird being a cartoon character. Some people ask me if I'm naked or wearing a suit. I don't know. The other night at the club some cat comes up to me and says are you naked? I was wearing sunglasses so that was a dumb question which I ignored. Lately I've been hanging out with Sweety Bancha. She kind of drives me crazy, but for some reason we are always hanging out. She is cute even though she is always asking me too many questions. I love to sleep.


Personality & Habits

In the anime, PJ is an aloof character with a face stuck in one expression and seems indifferent about situations if he even cares at all. His primary function as a character is to provide background gags, tied to his habit of sleeping during the day. His daytime napping is explained by his activity during the night; being the DJ to the party place the rest of the main characters occasionally hang out at. Despite his stoic behavior, he is involved within the group and remains aware of his surroundings during rest.

He loves his work as a DJ, as is evident that he also performs in his dreams, but he wants to reach people and contributes to an ultimate goal of world peace.RodneyFun Comic Collection


Brown teddybear, with X stitched on the front and a round belly button. PJ himself is uncertain if he's naked or wearing a suit.


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According to Armstead Christian‘s IMDb bio, it has shown that he passed away in January 4, 2016.