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PaRappa the Rapper (パラッパラッパー) is a Japanese anime series created by Masaya Matsuura and Rodney Greenblat for Fuji TV. It features the titular character and his friends in different adventures. Unlike the game, there's very little rap incorporated into the series' soundtrack.


The series stars PaRappa Rappa, who likes music, dancing, basketball, and hanging out with his friends, such as his best friend PJ Berri, his crush Sunny Funny, and Katy Kat. Various new characters enter during the course of the anime; they made an appearance in all of the show's episodes, although they aren't in any of the games. Notable ones include Matt Major, PaRappa and PJ's friend, Paula Fox, Sunny's friend and Katy's rival, Pinto Rappa, PaRappa's little sister, and Gaster and Groober, a duo of criminals who wreck havoc in PaRappa Town.


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Main characters

  • PaRappa Rappa (the main protagonist of the series)
  • Sunny Funny (the girl that PaRappa is in love with)
  • Katy Kat (friend of PaRappa)
  • PJ Berri (PaRappa's close friend and possibly sidekick, he is also a D.J. who works at Club Fun)
  • Matt Major (PJ Berri and PaRappa's closest friend, PJ and Matt are the first to meet in Club Fun, but this isn't seen and also he's a country singer)
  • Paula Fox (at first, she was Katy's rival, now she's Katy's and Sunny's best friend)
  • Chop Chop Master Onion (a karate master who is a good friend of PaRappa)
  • Gaster (the main antagonist of the series)

Secondary characters

  • Groober (Gaster's sidekick and the secondary antagonist of the series)
  • Mr. Simon (One of PaRappa's teachers)
  • Mrs. Hippo (One of PaRappa's teachers)
  • Bob. G (One of PaRappa's teachers)
  • Dorothy (an old lady who was once a dancer)
  • Lloyd (a simple extra character)
  • Vicky Bahan (a Friend of Matt's who's a singer, he is half African-English and half Japanese)
  • the Masked Witch (the main antagonist of episode 28)

Notable Background Characters

The Rappa Family

  • Pinto Rappa (PaRappa's little sister)
  • Papa Parappa (he has a major recurring role in the anime)
  • Boxy Boy (created by PaRappa's father to help PaRappa when he is in trouble)
  • Uee (a strange figure that lives in Pinto's lunch box; it can do things like hold extra items for Pinto, and assist her in many ways like waking PaRappa; Uee is something of a secret that for some reason Pinto won't tell anyone about)


Season One:

PaRappa attempts to reconcile two different promises he made to two different friends. First, he told his buddy PJ and PJ's friend Matt that he'd play basketball with them on this particular day, but also told Katy and Sunny that he'd go with them to Sister Corn's garage sale.

Dorothy, an old florist, wants to become a star dancer once again; however, she feels that she cannot, because she is too old. Katy and her friends find out that the old theater she used to dance at is about to be taken down, so PaRappa and his friends fix everything up for Dorothy to have one last dance on stage.

At PaRappa’s school, everyone gets angry at their teacher Mr. Simon, for being too much of a scaredy-cat. With help from one of Boxy Boy’s predictions, Matt, PJ, and PaRappa try to cure their teacher of his fright—but instead, he turns crazy and goes after PaRappa and his friends.

Paula visits Club Fun, hoping to find some cool guys only to be overwhelmed by boredom, that is... until she sees the DJ! She falls in love instantly and is excited to find out who this mysterious guy is.

PaRappa and his friends decide to go on a nice picnic together; that is, until they find a pendant which teleports them through time!

PaRappa and friends visit a sushi shop, unknowing that it is really a cover-up by Gaster and Groober to steal the next door bank's money. Through some unfortunate consequences, the money ends up getting blown up. Now PaRappa and company have to do all they can to keep all the bank's customers calm whilst a new shipment of money comes in.

PaRappa and the gang try to help Chief Puddle reconnect with his fiancé who has been avoiding him all of a sudden. Upon speaking to her, they learn that she wants to be with him, but for some reason her father has forbidden them from meeting each other again!

PaRappa, PJ, and Matt are secretly building a rocket ship and plan on going to outer space. Sunny overhears their plans and is told by PaRappa and gang that she needs to keep it a secret.

The annual PaRappa Town dance is coming up, and PaRappa is determined to ask if Sunny will go to it with him, but doesn't have the confidence to as he believes that Sunny may have already been asked out already.

PaRappa's favorite Baseball player, Schimdt, comes to town. But before he can even ask for an autograph, Schimdt is kidnapped by Gaster and Groober. PaRappa, PJ, and Matt attempt a rescue mission.

Matt buys into the "Dictionary of Great Men". A book filled with inspiring men and is inspired himself by a man from PaRappa Town named Mr. Ieday (Mr. Runaway), who ran away from PaRappa Town to "become a real man." He then drags PaRappa and PJ on a trip away from PaRappa Town.

When a gaggle of ghosts drag Sunny to an old, spooky mansion, PaRappa and friends must face their fears and rescue her.

  • 13. "ACHO! ACHO! (アチョ!アチョ~!/Accho! Accho!)"

PaRappa and friends scramble to clean up the Fruits Dojo after they all forgot to watch it while Chop Chop Master Onion was away on a training trip.

School elections are coming up, and both Paula and Matt are on the ballot. In order to get the higher vote, they both start to promise impossibly big things.

Gaster and Groober steal Boxy Boy in hopes of using his prediction abilities to solve safe locks. But PaRappa gets everyone in PaRappa town to chase down the duo and get Boxy Boy back.

Season Two:

When PaRappa accidentally wrecks a nearby shop, he needs to find a way to earn $300 to pay for the repairs. Luckily, PJ, Sunny, Katy, Paula, and Matt decide to help him out.

Katy wants to show off her new wedding dress designs, but no one aside from her friends seem to notice, until Gaster and Groober show up with a deep sea plot. When they kidnap Katy, PaRappa and the gang are lead on a high-speed water chase.

  • 18. "Droopy"(シオシオだね/ SHIO SHIO DA NE)"

After saving a flower from a bust street, and replanting it in the park, Sunny learns of another one of Gaster and Groober's plot. In the midst of this incident, a weird pollen is spreading across town, and every flower in town is starting to droop.

While the gang tries to make the best of things when a hurricane hits Parappa Town , PJ prepares for a DJ contest. Meanwhile, Gaster and Groober plot to trap the entire town inside Club Fun.

Matt's birthday is coming up, and all of his friends want to throw a big party for him. Matt states that he doesn't want a party, which inspires his friends to pull a pretty big prank.

Parappa and co. help Jonathan a police dog, look for his Chief's missing cat Juila, who Gaster has found and is determined to make his pet.

A sports day is being held at the school. While Katy, Paula, Sunny and Pinto cheer them on, Pinto's pet Uee gets stuck in a tree, PaRappa and his friends try to help, against their teacher's wishes.

Prince Fleaswallow says he is waiting for Catherine, so PaRappa and friends try to help look for her, but it seems they have no luck in doing so. In a sub-plot, he teaches PaRappa how to surf.

Chop Chop Master Onion thinks he's going to become a movie star, but it's another one of Gaster's evil plans, which PaRappa quickly discovers and foils. However, to keep their sensei's dream alive, PaRappa and the gang try to make a movie themselves.

After catching a cold from Gaster, PJ can't sleep, which has an adverse effect on him. What's worse, he starts to grow larger every time he eats. After being sucked into PJ's little world (via his nose), PaRappa and co. try to expunge the Gaster Virus and save their friend.

Bob. G, the captain of PaRappa Town's ice hockey team the Ice Hawks, is told by the school's principal that if he doesn't win the next game his team will be shut down for good! Katy offers to help, but only under one condition...

Impressed by Hairdresser Octopus's new car, PaRappa decides to try it out for himself,

PaRappa finally gains the confidence to ask Sunny out to dance, but at the last second, Sunny's heart gets stolen by a witch who hates Christmas! PaRappa tries to get it back with help from his friends, Santa Claus, and (reluctantly) Gaster and Groober.

PaRappa is worried by an ominous car following him and his friends, but it turns out to be MC King Kong Mushi wanting to hire PJ under his record company. Mushi watches PJ live and is impressed by the performance and PJ is signed up... However, things take a downward turn.

After caring for a couple of birds, PaRappa finds that his hat was used as their nest, and that it has four bird eggs inside it. After the eggs hatch, PaRappa is told that he must care for the birds. Meanwhile the birds poking out of his hat become a fashion statement and everyone in PaRappa Town wants them!



PaRappa The Rapper Anime Opening (1080p Upscale)

The opening to Season 1.

The series uses 4 pieces of theme music. The first opening theme is called "Love Together ~PaRappa Rappa MIX~" (LOVE TOGETHER ~パラッパラッパーMIX~), sung by Nona Reeves in season 1, and the second opening theme is called "Attitude", sung by Crystal Kay for Season 2.

The first ending theme is called "School Girl" (SCHOOL GIRL) and is sung by Bennie K for season 1. The second ending theme is called "Yellow Balloon" (イエローバルーン Ierō Barūn) and is sung by Chara for season 2.

Another song by Chara was used as background music throughout season 1 called "Bonds of Love" (愛の絆 Ai no Kizuna) and occasionally in season 2 "Adult Fun~" (大人は楽しい~ Otona wa Tanoshii~) by ELEPHANT LOVE (エレファントラブ) was used.


  • On December 2, 2001, an Original Soundtrack of this anime (PaRappa Rappa Stage Volume 1) was made for Japanese retail only. Many of the songs in this soundtrack are original score, remixed versions from the game or game songs directly taken from the game. It also comes with a second disk which is sold separately. Furthermore, the song Love Together is a remix from the original version,
  • There were two soundtracks released for the anime. The first one being Parappa the Rapper TV Animation Soundtrack Volume 1 followed by Parappa the Rapper TV Animation Soundtrack Stage.2


  • Due to cultural differences, it has some swear words (Mostly in PG/PG-13 level) in many episodes.
  • Rodney Alan Greenblat, the designer of Parappa and original creator of PJ, Sunny Funny and Katy Kat, designed all characters for the show but was not allowed on board in the further creative process. Originally, he, along with the company, were to make a teenage/young adults-oriented show (which featured Lammy, Ma-San and Joe Chin, along with a few other characters) meant for the target audience.[1]
  • Many of the show's episode titles have been mistranslated due to the usage of a fairly old Google Translate.
  • As you can tell from the title “LOVE TOGETHER: PaRappa MIX” is actually a remix of Nona Reeves original song “LOVE TOGETHER” which you can listen to here.
  • The full anime can be watched here.