I thought I said I didn't have time for Jokers!

Paul Chuck (チャック店長 Chakku Tenchō) is a beaver who runs a guitar store. He debuted in Um Jammer Lammy and is the Teacher of Stage 5: Power Off! Power On!.


Lammy (crash)landed with Captain Fussenpepper near her gig and leaves off, only to find out she left her guitar on the plane. Luckily, she finds a guitar store with keeper Paul Chuck. Lammy is too busy anxiously describing what kind of guitar she looks for to notice the store is entirely out of them and Paul loses patience with her. She starts to beg, uttering she will do anything for it. Sparking interest in Paul Chuck, he grabs his chainsaw and turns it on to which Lammy starts to panic, until Paul Chuck hands it over to her. All he wants to do is have her make a guitar with him.


Lammy Version; UmJammer Lammy
UJL 16 - Power Off! Power On!
Parappa Version; UmJammer Lammy secondary storyline
UJL 34 - Power Off! Power On! (Parappa Version)
MilkCan (Katy) Version; Make It Sweet!
MilkCan 12 - Power Off! Power On!
Paul Chuck

Personality & HabitsEdit

On first approach Paul Chuck is unfriendly and sceptical, referring to people as "jokers" if ones intentions are not clear to him (although his tone of voice does sound joke-y.) Once being in the position of doing what he really loves - chopping down trees and making guitars - he becomes extraordinarily cheerful and emotionally attached to his student.

He makes comments of Lammy's hurry to get to her gig in time even though she has not made comments of this. It might be that Paul figured this out himself.

He has a dislike for Joe Chin's brand of chains, most likely due to them being faulty, like all of Joe Chin's products and organizations.



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