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Rave it to Rammy! My guitar is in your face!

Rammy (ウラミー Uramī) Rammy is a freelance guitarist and PaRappa and Lammy's opponent in the VS mode of Um Jammer Lammy, only appearing in the single player game in the Stage 6 end cutscene.

Her Japanese name is a pun on the word ura (裏) which means "reversed side" or "wrong side", since she is the polar opposite of Lammy. An additional pun could be urami (怨み), meaning "grudge" or "resentment."


After a series of mishaps cause her to be late for Yoko's concert, only to find Lammy had stolen her spot, Rammy demands to see who the better guitarist is (leading to the game's versus modes). Lammy avoids confrontation by fleeing through Yoko's teleportation machine, which Rammy shakes in anger.


UmJammer Lammy (Instrumental Theme) MilkCan - Make It Sweet! (Instrumental Theme)

Personality & Habits

Rammy has a rude, short-tempered, whiny, bragging, sore losing, show-off, brash, very tomboyish, very bratty, she's not only extremely demanding, she is also extremely spoiled making her a very womanchild like personality. and is more violent than other characters seen in the PaRappa franchise. When ever she loses, she'll make a excuse and blame someone. As opposed to Lammy's catchphrases, Rammy's are "Rave it to Rammy!" and "My guitar is in your face!"


Her appearance is similar to Lammy's, with the only exceptions being that she has a monochromatic palette and plays guitar right-handed (contrasting Lammy, who plays left-handed).


  • On Vs. Mode on the last stage, Rammy's losing line is different in the U.S. version. She says "Okay, you win. I guess I'll just go home now." instead of saying "Okay, you win. I guess I'll just go back to Hell now."