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Rodney Greenblat in 2005.

Rodney Alan Greenblat, born August 23, 1960 in San Francisco, California, is an American graphic artist best known in the United States and Japan for the visual style of the video games PaRappa the Rapper and Um Jammer Lammy, which he co-created with Masaya Matsuura.

Before even working on Parappa, he had created the characters Katy Kat, PJ Berri, Sunny Funny, and had developed the CD-ROM game Dazzeloids.


Greenblat as a PaRappa game character.

Greenblat, known as the co-creator and artist of the PaRappa franchise, appears in both PaRappa The Rapper and PaRappa The Rapper 2.

He stars as a news reporter in PaRappa The Rapper 2, giving a rundown on the noodle situation during the Stage 2 introductory cutscene.


In PaRappa the Rapper, Rodney is mentioned though not seen. When PaRappa gets his invite to Club Fun, it says "Private Invitation from Rodney".



  • Like many other notable yet self-described 'indie' artists, Rodney took it onto himself to sell NFT's of his work. In his blog he described that someone supposedly did it for him and was given access to Rodney's social media (Twitter) to post/interact for him. As with any notable artist online, it was met with criticism over gain and thus Rodney has erased all his posts regarding NFT's, pretending it never had happened.

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