Sister Gon is a minor character in the PaRappa The Rapper anime. She makes an appearance in Episode 1: The Initial P!! (イニシャルはP). She opens a Garage Sale one day which Sunny and Katy visits. She is seen working on a jellybean machine and is unable to fix it. She puts her money into a safe which Gaster steals causing a chase between Parappa and Gaster. Sister Gon uses her inventions such as a tank and airplane and Sunny, Paula and Katy follow behind. When Parappa catches up to Gaster he slams into Gaster who flies off the scooter, hits his head on the machine and lands on the ground with the safe hitting his head knocking him out. Parappa gives the safe back to Sister Gon and the jellybean machine has been fixed. Sister Gon makes an apperance in episode 17: The Centre of Attention (注目の的なのよ) in which she helps PaRappa and friends chase after Gaster and Groober on a boat who mistake Katy for a princess.

Design Edit

Sister Gon is a dark-skinned human with blue short hair who wears a pink fedora hat, red glasses, pink unzipped shirt, yellow dress and white shoes.

Personality and Habits Edit

Sister Gon is an inventor much like Papa Parappa who makes inventions and is using inventions such as a tank, airplane or a boat to chase after Gaster in different situations. Sister Gon is a kind and hard working woman who spends her time to work on her inventions such as her jellybean machine.

Alike all Teachers having a quirk to them, Sister Gon tends to leave her tags on her clothing and other such purchases for no reason.