Sunny Funny (サニー・ファニー Sanī Fanī?) is a humanoid flower, specifically a daisy, and one of Parappa friends. She is the daughter of General Potter, an army general.

Both Parappa and Joe Chin have feelings for Sunny and try to impress her, making them rivals. Sunny likes PaRappa as a friend and is open to a romantic relationship with him.

Come a Long Way, is a song she sang in the soundtrack of PaRappa The Rapper 2.

Personality & Habits

Sunny Funny is a soft and patient type of person. She loves nature and nature loves her back. Her main flaw is her lack of cooking skills in which her creativity is more based on her poor knowledge of food and flavors than anything else. She appears to be oblivious to this imperfection.RodneyFun Comic Collection


Sunny is a humanized daisy. Her petals are of two variants, and pink and red instead of yellow. She has a humanisque nose and oval eyes. Her horizontal striped dress is red and blue coloured. Her shoes are dark green.


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