Sweety Bancha is a character from the Parappa The Rapper anime and is often drawn in official art alongside PJ Berri, as Rodney Alan Greenblat really likes the two as a couple.


Sweety is an obscure character, having had only a still-image cameo in game and one episode dedicated to her in the animation, never to be seen nor mentioned again. She does however have a lot of artwork done by Greenblat, but his love for the character has not saved her from obscurity just yet.

UmJammer LammyEdit

In Um Jammer Lammy, she appears in the background of the (Sports) locker room Katy Kat barges into to speak to the MilkCan bandmembers.
UJL Stage 7 cutscene Sweety
Sweety has no attention for the scene at hand -nor does anyone acknowledge her either- as she seems to have something on her mind, worrying her, as she sits in a moping position. She wears a blue and yellow cheerleaders outfit and has her pompoms laying on the floor.


Anime ep9 Sunny Sweety

Sweety's singular appearance was in episode 9. She spend her time shadowing PJ, Parappa and Matt and peeping at them with a dreamy look on her face. As they went to the mall with the goal to let Parappa ask Sunny out to the party, she cut Parappa's attempt short by making it seem like he asked her and jumped on top of him. With that, Sunny decided to go with PJ, as Sweety goes with Parappa. There is a bit of awkward tension where nobody is happy but Sweety tries by wildly dancing with Parappa and feeding him. Eventually Sweety admits that the person she actually like was PJ and she tried to do some jealousy plot. She is very ashamed of herself, crying in the arms of Sunny asking for forgiveness, which Sunny of course does.


From Sweety Bancha

Dear Readers, It's truly a pleasure to be newly available to the whole wide wondrous world! Being a plush doll is a privilege for which I am forever grateful! As you may know I am a bit of a writer myself, hoping one day to publish my sweeping story of dream chasing cartoon lovers in "Abandon of The Untamed Love!" The hero of my story is based on my boyfriend PJ Berri. I've had to make him a little more heroic in my book, compared to how he is in "real" life, but even so, he is way cute! I had my first crush on him in high school when I saw him spinning records at Club Fun. We live near each other too, so it wasn't long before we realized our true destiny of love! I want to tell all you wonderful people out there all about my dreams and aspirations. I love you all very much! Thank you, Thank you!



Sweetie is a pink teddy bear of the same shape and size of PJ Berri. She wears a maroon skirt and bow, with a white shirt with a pink heart symbol and maroon shoes.

In the anime, her heart symbol is not present. She has a more frilly skirt in a hot pink color, matching her bow and shoes.


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