You should be banned from every game!
Teriyaki Yoko (テリヤキヨーコー Teriyaki Yōkō) is a diva. They debuted in Um Jammer Lammy and are the Teacher of Stage 6: Taste Of Teriyaki.


When Lammy slips on a banana peel and lands in Hell (or snags her clothes on a doorknob and launched onto the island), she is recruited by her manager to fill in for her regular guitarist. Yoko allowed Lammy to return to the MilkCan concert on the condition that she plays well in the song.

Teriyaki Yoko appears in Stage 6 of UmJammer Lammy. This is the most altered stage of the game due to originally taking place in Hell in the Japanese and European versions, accompanied with references to the devil and angels. She goes as far as to jolt Lammy with lightning if you play bad or awful. If you play awful, the crowd will open up revealing a red void. Failing Stage 6 will cause a giant Teriyaki Yoko to come up from the red void telling you to "start all over".


Lammy Version; UmJammer Lammy
UJL 19 - Taste Of Teriyaki
Parappa Version; UmJammer Lammy secondary storyline
UJL 36 - Taste Of Teriyaki (Parappa Version)
MilkCan Version; Make It Sweet!
MilkCan 11 - Taste Of Teriyaki

Personality & Habits Edit

Yoko comes off as ill-tempered when first met to emphasize their diva/idol status but happens to be negotiable and expresses gratitude and praise if you pass her stage. When it is clear you are not Rammy, the one supposedly accompanying her gig, they simply tells Lammy to play because the show must go on.

Due to the mystery of where you are, Yoko herself is surprising in their powers. Their entire stage being an entire new dimension (hell) also plays into 4th wall breaking with the credit roll and failing their stage making her say Lammy should be banned from every game.


With their antennas they appears as some type of bug or alien but due to the original location of their stage and their position it is the best guess to assume her to be a demon of the underworld. Her hair balances on a stem forming the tip of their head, making it appear like a potted plant. They wear a long slender body with a hot-pink honeycomb printed split maxi dress and hot-pink pumps.


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