UmJammer Lammy NOW!, also known as simply the UmJammer Lammy Arcade version, was an Arcade cabinet that allowed players to play Um Jammer Lammy in versus mode using controllers designed as guitars; a concept later adopted by the "Guitar Hero" franchise.

With the help of Namco, Sony of Japan released an arcade version of UmJammer Lammy which had updated graphics and new songs in addition to the original songs.

Description IGN

Rock your way to the top of the pops with UM JAMMER LAMMY. From the mind of Rodney Greenblatt the brilliant designer of PARAPPA THE RAPPA comes this cartoon-inspired musical competition starring Lammy, the stylish and clever lamb guitarist for the band Milkcan.

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This 2-player arcade cabinet converts the PlayStation title into an arcade experience with a set of realistic guitar controllers. The game features three difficulty levels, three playable characters, and three game modes (Solo, Team and Battle).[1]

Introducing the one and only Joe Chin Musical Instruments, "Gui'tarn'table!"

Lots of time and effort seems to be put into it's development. As you can tell from it's name, it can be used as a table most of the time. No, no, no. Don't use it as a table folks! This product is great! It's kinda like a guitar and a turntable all in one. You can find the well known OXAH buttons in the center. And we created a slidable "Joe switch" on it's neck. And a turntable like "Chin switch" on the end. Those of y'all who rules the, "Gui'tarn'table!" rules "Um Jammer Lammy NOW!"(THE Arcade version). In other words, even if you're the COOLEST at home, you need to rule this "Gui'tarn'table!" to be No.1, so hurry now and start practicing y'all!

December, 1999 The one and only "Um Jammer Lammy NOW!"(THE Arcade version) with it's original controlling devise "Gui'tarn'table" Out at last! Y'all can check it out in amusement facilities and video arcade centers across the nation!

—, HOTCHART!![2], Joe Chin & KT

Several outsource links included a now defunct Namco website coverage[3].
The new Namco website rehosted it.[4]


The arcade has a pretty grotesque playful design, having clashing bright colours and artwork all over its frame. As shown in the concept are, the header said "Joe Chin presents SUPER GUITAR'N' TABLE GAME!!", but GAME was changed for SYSTEM. The left side has Lammy's Poof symbol and the right side has Rammy's Skull symbol.

Additional Songs

Although files of Parappa's version of Stage 1: I Am A Master And You! were found within UmJammer Lammy, the stage was not playable. It was included in the arcade.

Namco announcement

Um Jammer Lammy arcade-bound, 09.04.99[5] Namco announces an arcade game based on the PlayStation rhythm game. After the original PaRappa the Rapper spawned the rhythm genre, countless arcade music games appeared to cash in on the craze -- and now the PaRappa series itself is entering the arcades. Namco recently announced that an arcade version of Um Jammer Lammy will be unveiled at the JAMMA show on September 11 and 12th.

Running off the System 12 board, the arcade edition of Um Jammer Lammy is virtually identical to the versus mode of the home version, except for one major change. The arcade game is played with the guitar-like controller from Namco's Guitar Jam, meaning PaRappa will likely not be playable.

If Um Jammer Lammy is successful, Namco plans to port additional home titles to the arcade as well, an unusual reversal of the traditional arcade-to-console ports.



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