Um Jammer Lammy - Intro Movie

Um Jammer Lammy - Intro Movie


The giant one-eyed monster is roaming and crushing the city

Teddy bear: Oh, where are you? I need you right now!

Jet Baby flies in and saves the teddy bear

Teddy bear: Jet Baby!

Jet Baby flies off into the sky with the bear, the movie is over. Katy, Lammy and Ma-san walk out of the threater, modified version of Got To Move! is playing in the background.

Katy Kat: That sure was fun! Part One was good too but this had more juice.

Ma-san: ##!#!#!#!###!!# (I couldn't see the screen! The guy sitting in front of me was too tall.)

Lammy: Um...Um...Um...

Katy Kat: What's wrong, Lammy? You seem down.

They're walking to the Chunky Burger restaurant across the street.

Lammy: Oh, I wish I was that strong.

Screen fades from outside to them in the restaurant talking.

Katy Kat: Lammy, you're already strong as is. You should be more confident. Nobody beats Lammy when she's on the guitar!

Ma-san: #!!#!!# (Normally she's a wimp though.)

Katy Kat: Ma-san!

Lammy: But that is the truth...

Katy Kat: Hey, don't forget. We are MILKCAN. With Ma-san's beats, *Picture of drums in background* Lammy's guitar *Picture of guitar in background* and my almighty bass *Picture of a flowerbed in the background* combined with that distinguished voice, *while she's talking, sparkles come out of her mouth, then cuts back to the restaurant when she's done talking* there's nothing to be afraid of!

Bullies enter the restaurant, music changes.

Bully 1: Scram!!

Door slams in Bully 2's face.

Bully 2: Yeah!

Bully 1: *Lammy turns her head slighty in the bullies direction, Katy has a angry look on her face* Well, well... what do we have here? *camera scrolls through the food on the table* Plenty of munchies for everyone, right?

Bully 2: Yeah!

Bully 1: *Ma-san doesn't pay attention and keeps reading her book* Not only munchies but a little babe, *cuts back to bullies* all dressed up for us, ain't that right?

Bully 2: Right!

Lammy: *Bully 1 is about to grab Lammy* O, oh.. O, oh..

Katy Kat: Lammy, here!

Katy throws the guitar past a distant planet in the solar system, the guitar swiftly circles the planet and Lammy grabs it when it comes back down to earth.

Lammy starts jamming on the guitar, the background turns into a rainbow spiral, it consumes the bullies, dust clouds cover both Lammy and the bullies.

Katy Kat: *Katy comes on screen with a microphone in her hand* See? The guitar rules again! *Katy leaves the screen*

Lammy finishes jamming and she is standing on top of the bodies of the bullies.

Lammy holds her pose as the video fades out.


  • Similarly to PaRappa The Rapper, the last song you play can be heard in the intro theme (PaRappa's Live Rap in PaRappa, Got to Move! in UJL), although in UJL, it's with different instruments.